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Who we are?

Step by Step Program ­ Bulgaria was established as an NGO by Open Society Foundation on March 12th 1998.

Education of the XXI century


  • Dissemination and implementation of the ideas for democratic education in Bulgaria;
  • Introducing new educational technologies;
  • Encouraging the family involvement in education;
  • Providing equal access to quality education for minority children, with disabilities and children in social isolation.


  • Developing projects for infant and toddlers, preschools, mainstream and special schools and pedagogical faculties for training faculty teachers, students, principals, teachers and parents;
  • Developing projects for quality education of minority children, children with disabilities and children in social isolation;
  • Suggesting educational technologies and strategies related to interactive methods for education and organization of a child-centered educational environment;
  • Monitoring, assessing and researching educational projects;
  • Developing and disseminating methodological literature for innovative educational technologies.
Chairman of Board:
assoc. prof. Zdravko Popov, PhD
assoc.prof. Maria Alexieva, PhD
Neda Kristanova
George Ganchev
Executive Director:
assoc. prof. Emil Buzov, PhD

The Step by Step Program Foundation implements the following projects:

  • Infant and Toddler Groups Project
  • Preschool Project
  • Primary School Project
  • Higher Education Project
  • Teachers for Multilingual – Multiethnic Europe Project
  • Promoting the Integration of the Roma Project, subcomponent Access to Education and Training for Roma Representatives to Work in Public Administration and Police Structures
  • Special Schools Project
  • Preschools – Model Sites
  • Schools – Model Sites
  • Shumen Municipality - Model Site Project
  • Roma Education Initiative, Promoting Access to Quality Education and Desegregation of Roma Project
  • Reducing Risk of prostitution and Trafficking of Economically Disadvantaged Children in Target Areas in Russe, Bulgaria Project
  • Creating Caring and Responsible Classroom Project
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