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“Empower Active Seniors" project under Erasmus+ program, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – 2015-2017

Members: Step By Step Program Foundation - Bulgaria, Enoros Consulting Ltd - Cyprus , European Office of Cyprus, ECOLE - Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per l'Education - Italy, Instituto polit?cnico de Portalegre- Portugal , University of Piraeus research center - Greece

The project's aims and objectives will be both complementary and innovative to other projects already carried out through flexible learning/training programs designed for adults (target group)that improve their working conditions and competitiveness. The creation of the portal ”One stop shop Portal’’ will provide the useful information, training content and tools, not only at local/national level but also at European level in order to help adults explore their occupational interests and to find opportunities to start new enterprises. The project will create occupational opportunities to people with low qualifications through skill development and advancement. The overall objective of the project is to initiate multi-sectoral actions that promote non formal education , so as to enhance the continued active engagement in society and the active participation in the labor market, through re- skilling.

The project team will develop the pedagogical concept ensuring that it addresses the particularities associated with the learning process of older people and will make sure it can be applied in practice successfully. Through the development of the digital system/tool, a new approach to educational process and exchange of knowledge and skills is created. The project will work across all sectors in a flexible and responsive manner. Specifically, an on-line ‘’One Stop Shop Portal’’ tool will be developed, where users (older adults) will be able to create short structured personal profiles, describing their knowledge, working experiences and skills. The One Stop Shop Portal will involve tools, which will help personal and group interested parties (e.g. joint ventures, joint projects, potential employers) to search and match their interests with those of others. Additionally, interested parties can look to find the necessary occupational skills needed for a specific venture or new project. The tool will be open to public use, so anyone wishing can ‘declare availability’ and offer certain knowhow for the benefit of older people. Through the new Portal created, a new approach to educational process and exchange of knowledge is offered to adults who wish to explore and/or improve their working conditions.

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